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Choose the version that is best suited for your business needs.

Windows based Standard Edition Web based Enterprise Edition
Windows-based Standard Edition is a stand-alone client-server version.
Web-based Enterprise Edition is a uniquely architected version that utilizes a centralized database with local backup capability.

Self Storage Manager Standard

e-CRM - Customer Relationship Management

e-CRM is a fully integrated add-on module, designed specifically for the self-storage industry, and multi-facility operators in particular, to track leads, reservations, marketing campaigns, and more, while giving employees the ability to follow up with prospective customers, take payments, manage collections, and handle customer-related incidents from any location with Internet access.


The Next Generation in e-Commerce for the self-storage industry, allowing prospective customers to reserve and rent units anytime, anywhere, and enabling existing tenants to manage their accounts for single or multiple units across various locations. e-StorageOnline turns your business into a 24x7 operation, without the added overhead.

iPad®/ Tablet Application

An innovative add-on module that enables site managers to conduct business on their hand-held iPhone, iPad, or Tablet device. This valuable application allows managers to conduct site walk-throughs, do lock checks, enter site maintenance notes, mark units for scheduled move-outs, take online reservations or online payments from tenants, and perform site audits from anywhere on or off the property.
iPad / Tablet Application

QlikView Business Intelligence & Analytics Interface

An extremely useful add-on module designed for multi-facility operators in need of up-to-the-minute business analytics and intelligence reporting. Use standard or customized templates to trace and rank the performance of facility performance based on a variety of parameters, such as occupancy, month-to-date move-ins, payments, length of stay, and more.
QlikView Business Intelligence & Analytics Interface

Kiosk Interface

A reliable interface program that enables Self Storage Manager software to communicate with an INSOMNIACTM Kiosk from OpenTech Alliance, allowing prospective or existing customers to reserve, rent, or make payments via a self-service kisok. E-SoftSys is an alliance partner of OpenTech Alliance.

Automated Mailing Interface

More and more operators are starting to use outside vendors to deliver their letters and notices, not only to ensure proper handling, but also reduce overhead and free up their managers to focus on customer transactions. This new add-on module reliably interfaces with US Certified Letters (USCL) to seamlessly deliver the letters and notices you designate to be processed.

Credit Card Processing Interface

With the swipe of a credit or debit card, payments can be collected and processed directly through Self Storage Manager, resulting in faster transactions and eliminating card entry errors. This interface program also streamlines the process of setting up customers for automatic billing. (Note: requires subscription account with PayPros, International BanCard, TransFirst or other merchant account using PayPal Payflow Pro payment gateway.)

Gate Interface

Automatically update your gate software to allow or deny customers from accessing the facility, saving your managers time to focus on other tasks. Self Storage Manager interfaces with most leading gate systems, including Digitech, PTI, Falcon, Sentinel, QuikStor, and WHAM.

Drivers License Scanning

Allows site managers to automatically obtain customer address information and ID photo, just by swiping a driver’s license. This state-of-the-art add-on module saves your managers time to focus on other tasks, while eliminating data-entry errors.

Accounting System Interface

Automatically update your accounting software and create independent journal entries for various transactions by posting data on a daily or specific date-range basis. Self Storage Manager interfaces with QuickBooks and Great Plains (now Microsoft Dynamics GP); interfaces to other accounting systems can be developed, if required.

Call Tracker

Call Tracker - a web based application designed to help you manage and analyze yourcalls. This application provides various statistical and analytical data of your calls to help your decision making process. With the vital information obtained,you can plan the marketing expenses for your various advertising campaigns and increase revenue..


SSM e-Signature technology allows tenants to sign and complete the license agreement or lease while renting a unit online over the website. It also allows tenants to sign and complete the license agreement or lease electronically at the store level either from Kiosk or from the Tablet.

SSM Text Messenger

SSM Text Messenger will send the following messages to tenants to improve the customer satisfaction, increase the sales and also automates the follow-up process.

    Paid Through Date
  • Payment Reminder Alert
  • Past Due Alert